Unisa Tutor Vacancies 2024 Unisa E-tutor Online Application

Unisa Tutor Vacancies
Unisa Tutor Vacancies

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Unisa Tutor Vacancies 2024 Online Application Form

E-Tutor Opportunities at Unisa 2024/2025: Apply Now for Unisa E-Tutor Online Application 2024

Are you interested in becoming an E-Tutor with the University of South Africa (Unisa)? Unisa is the largest university system in South Africa, catering to one-third of the country’s college students. As a government-financed institution dedicated to distance learning, Unisa has a rich history dating back to 1873.

About Unisa:

Unisa, initially founded as the University of Cape of Good Hope, has evolved into a prominent institution offering a range of academic programs, including certificate courses, diplomas, and doctoral titles. Unisa plays a vital role in distance education, making quality education accessible to a diverse student population.

Unisa Tutor Vacancies Roles and Responsibilities:

Unisa is actively seeking online tutors (E-Tutors) to fulfill essential roles as independent contractors. The primary responsibilities of E-Tutors include:

  1. Facilitating the online delivery of tutorial material.
  2. Managing students’ learning experiences in the online environment.
  3. Facilitating students’ interactions with their peers through online platforms.
  4. Providing students with academic and technical support in the online learning space.

Unisa Tutor Vacancies  2024 (E-Tutor Requirements):

To be eligible for the role of E-Tutor, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Ongoing access to an internet-connected computer.
  • A minimum of an Honours Bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject (in some disciplines, a Bachelor’s degree is acceptable at the candidate’s own cost).
  • Own copies of required software packages for teaching, such as internet browsers and word processing.
  • Basic computer and internet skills, as no training will be provided.
  • Commitment to meeting deadlines and a passion for student-centered learning.
  • Advanced communication skills and proficiency in English, as student communication will mainly be text-based.
  • Friendly, patient, and sensitive to the diversity of students.

How to Apply for Unisa Tutor Vacancies 2024:

Interested candidates can download the E-Tutor Unisa Vacancies Application Form by help of Jobfinders24 Co ZA . All necessary application, registration, and study-related information can be found on the Unisa corporate website, accessible in both web and mobile formats.

Contact Information for Unisa E-Tutor Vacancies 2024 :

For further inquiries, you can reach Unisa through fax at 012 429 4150.

Embark on a rewarding journey with Unisa as an E-Tutor, contributing to the accessibility of quality education in the dynamic field of online learning! Apply now for an enriching academic experience.

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